Poets For A Chapbook

Seeking Poets for a small book titled: Marriage Cat Magazine Book of Poetry – 1. Submit any work you’d like published to: Targeted Individuals

from: PWCD needs Targeted Individuals writers! Also seeking to explore and expand the topic. Pays $10+ (within 90 days) for 500 words or more. Visit the website or contact: Evergreen NEWS Stories needed…

Should be at least 500 words (with exceptions). Marriage Cat Mag is always seeking short stories, first chapters, poetry/prose, journalism, etc. Pays up to $10-$15. Write Something!

Seeking male and female writers for individual articles. Pays $10+ (within 90 days) for 500 words or more. Write on any topic related to reproductive freedom and female empowerment. Book Reviews

Writers Arcanum needs book reviews for its content site. Books currently on the Bestsellers lists are preferred.