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Mix Society Magazine Looking for features, news, photojournalism, academic papers, essays, letters, anything related. mixsociety.net

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Poets For A Collection meow@marriagecat.com

Seeking Poets for a small book titled: Marriage Cat Magazine Book of Poetry – 1. Submit any work you’d like published to marriagecat.com.

frompwcd.com Write Something!

Seeking male and female writers for individual articles. Pays within 90 days – must be 500 words or more. Write on any topic related to reproductive freedom and female empowerment.

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Targeted Individuals magazine@frompwcd.com

from: PWCD needs Targeted Individuals writers! Seeking to explore and expand the topic. Pays within 90 days. frompwcd.com

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marriagecat.com SUBMISSIONS

Marriage Cat Mag is seeking short stories, first chapters, poetry/prose, journalism, etc. Send whatever you’d like to publish. FEATURES should be at least 500 words.

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writersarcanum.com Book Reviews

Writers Arcanum needs book reviews for its content site. Classics and bestsellers a bonus.